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Small Business Liability Insurance Quotes

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NetQuote is the leading online insurance marketplace where you can quickly receive multiple quotes for comprehensive general liability insurance for your operation. As an online business insurance aggregator service, NetQuote lets you securely request a FREE, no-obligation general liability insurance quote from the nation's top carriers such as Nationwide, Farmers, The Hartford, Travelers, and Allstate, as well as local agents.

Since 1989, NetQuote has streamlined the process of finding the right coverage for over 20 million people. They have the Internet's largest network of national insurance carriers and local agents, which saves you a considerable amount of time when it comes to getting the right general liability business insurance policy. By having companies compete for your business, you are getting the best small business general liability insurance quotes available, all from one easy to use, secure online form.

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Small Business Liability Insurance Explained

You have invested an incredible amount of time and resources into starting and building your small business. You have to ensure that your assets are properly protected from any lawsuits that may be brought against your company. This is why it is mandatory for all businesses to get small business liability insurance quotes for the coverage they need.

Liability insurance (Wikipedia definition) is third-party coverage, which means that it protects against damages occurring to a third-party, and does not pay your company. It covers injuries to a third-party resulting from some action taken by your organization, or its employees. This includes auto accidents involving company owned vehicles, and injuries involving non-employees on your business property.

Liability insurance for small businesses range from a general liability business insurance policy, to specialized coverage that provides protection for a very specialized niche. Because of the complex nature of certain situations, and of coverage in general, it is important to find a trusted professional that not only understands your situation, but is willing to listen to your concerns. An easy way to do this is to request a free liability insurance quote through NetQuote, which will instantly connect you to agents and providers that deal with your type of organization, and who will be able to intelligently discuss your specialized and general liability insurance coverage options.

General Liability Insurance for Small Business - Types of Coverage

There are different types of liability insurance for business covering different instances where a company may be found culpable for damages to a third party, or even to their employees. Below are just a few of the types of coverage available, and a brief explanation of when a certain policy may be required:

  • General liability insurance for small business is more of a broad coverage that protects your company against lawsuits brought by someone injured on property owned by your business, or resulting from the actions of your employees. Also called commercial liability insurance, this policy type is something that any sized company needs and forms the foundation upon which other specialized coverage is placed.
  • Self employed liability insurance is general protection for those that work for themselves. Generally, this is used for one-person shops and freelancers that don't employ others, but offers the same type of protection available with other forms of general business liability insurance.
  • Corporate liability insurance is just a fancy way of saying general liability insurance coverage for larger companies. Because of the increased exposure of a larger operation, the limits (and associated costs) will be higher for big corporations, but again, this policy serves as the foundation for protection, just at a much larger scale than a typical entrepreneur needs.
  • Commercial auto insurance covers damages caused through the operation of any vehicles belonging to a business. This can also include privately owned vehicles used for commercial purposes, when an individual's policy doesn't offer protection for this type of use.
  • Product liability insurance provides coverage for those that are involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of tangible goods. Anytime a product is sold to an end user, anyone involved in getting said product to market can be found liable, should damages occur out of its use. A general liability policy often times does not provide product liability protection. Therefore, a specialized policy is necessary.
  • Professional liability insurance (also known as errors and omissions insurance) is for those that do not make tangible products, but rather provide a professional service to clients. This includes architects, accountants, software designers, and other professionals whose poor advice, or faulty work, can result in a financial loss suffered by their clients.
  • Employers liability insurance is a specialized company liability insurance policy for those that have employees. It covers your company in case of a lawsuit as a result of injuries or sickness incurred by someone that works for you. Where regular business liability insurance pays out to parties other than you, or your employees, employers liability insurance covers you from any lawsuit brought against your operation from your employees. It works in conjunction with workers compensation insurance and is mandatory in many states, assuming you have over a certain number of workers, other than yourself and your spouse.

Get the Best Small Business Liability Insurance Quotes

The Department of Insurance of your state is responsible for approving the general liability insurance cost for a particular policy. This means whether you go directly to the provider, or use an agent or broker to get your business liability insurance quote, you will always be getting the same rate for a particular company's plan. By using an online aggregator service, such as NetQuote, you are able to securely receive multiple quotes from top providers, and local agents, enabling you to compare their liability insurance quotes.

Reminder: Just because you request a quote doesn't mean you are obligated to purchase coverage. Feel free to shop around until you find the right policy from a company or agent that is willing to work with you to ensure your company has the right protection in place.

Liability Insurance for Business - Final Thoughts

Every entrepreneur needs liability insurance for small business to protect against risks faced during the normal course of operation. Unless you want to risk losing all that you have worked hard for, this is one coverage that should be considered mandatory. Fortunately, the business liability insurance cost faced by the average entrepreneur won't be unsurmountable, truly making it a policy you can't live without considering the potential consequences of going without.

Finding cheap business liability insurance has never been easier then when you use NetQuote's secure online form to quickly receive multiple rate quotes from top providers. Stop spending your valuable time searching for the best rates when you should be concentrating on building your operation. Get FREE, no-obligation small business liability insurance quotes today with NetQuote!

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